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A Triple Helping of Twisty’s – Yes Please!
Yarnell – White Spars – Mingus

If winter garage fever has you itching for canyon carving, then this ride will satisfy your itch! Check your bike, gear up and get ready for a scenic adventure that includes beautiful views, twisty’s that will make your heart sing and great adventure points of interests! This ride includes something that will appeal to every type of motorcycle rider.

Featured Arizona Motorcycle Ride

The first leg of the ride goes to Yarnell via Wickenburg, where we recommend you gas up. Although the road is straight heading to Yarnell the views are beautiful and is the beginning of transporting you away from your everyday life. When Yarnell comes into view I take a deep breath of clean mountain air and I start to get excited. Don’t forget the salute or give the peace sign to the Frog sitting on the rock to your left for good luck and a safe trip! Yarnell is just the appetizer of this adventure, five miles of mouthwatering sweeping curves. Be careful as law enforcement is on task to make sure everyone gets to the top safe, so watch your speed. Approaching Yarnell I adjust my seating position itching to feel that, in the zone at one with your bike, feeling. The straight road up to the bottom gives way to the mountain. Yarnell does not disappoint, the curves feel so good, and they feel like freedom. Getting to the top makes you want more and there is more to come!

The White Spars is next. Heading through Peeples Valley the scenery changes to vast horse property neatly enclosed with white fences and green pastures that make you forget you’re in the desert. Soon The Spars is in sight and I get that tingling feeling and excitement again. The Spars boasts beautiful mountain views that remind you of the wonders of Arizona but the road is the real treat, about 18 miles of sharp twisty’s that will give any motorcycle rider twisty fever. As you go into the Spars you start the gentle twisty’s that get feisty as you head towards Prescott. The tight twists and curves are delightful, you’re transported from desert to pine trees and cool air, the spell of pine tickles your senses, it feels so good to get away and you’re craving for canyon carving is satisfied… momentarily. As you enter Prescott you will find a small town with a quaint feel. If you’re hungry I would recommend the Pepper Burger at the Prescott Brewery by the Square just off the 89 and Gurley Street. You just might find the square filled with people and craft show tents where you can find local art, wears and food. Grab an ice cream cone and take a break to walk through The Square and enjoy the cooler temps.

Arizona Motorcycle Rides

Now get ready for your twisty dessert! And we are off to Jerome via Mingus Mountain! Leaving Prescott get on 89A to Mingus Mountain. Located in the cool pines, Mingus is 28 miles of twisty bliss with scenery that will take your breath away! Riding Mingus makes you smile and think “this is why I love to ride the mountains”. Mingus satisfies everything you love about riding. Challenging corners and great scenery that transport you and your bike and free your mind. There are some great overlooks to stop at to take pictures of your adventure and take in the beautiful views, especially if you get stuck behind a group of cars. Shortly you will enter Jerome, a small town steep with history. Jerome is an old mining town, a boom town of it’s time, with lots of stories to tell that will carry you back in time. There is so much to see and do; museums, galleries, stores and restaurants with stories of their own to tell. The Haunted Hamburger is a great place to grab a bite and take in the gorgeous views. After a great adventure getting here, you can lose yourself for the rest of the day in this town. Riding back the same way you came is the cherry on top! Us hardcore mountain riders relish in the idea of doing it all again on the ride back to Phoenix. Some prefer to go back via I17 … but that is no fun, who wouldn’t want to do it all over again?



Story by: Julie Still
Photos by: Dean Rachwitz - Racers Photo - Racer Photo of Facebook



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