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The Devils Highway, Springerville, coolest Western General Store on the planet,
And New Mexico Grand Adventure

If you haven’t already done Devils Hwy you have at least heard of it! Formerly RT 666, also known as the Coronado Trail, it is one of the best rides in Arizona and one of the twistiest roads in the U.S., about 1,100 or so! In other words a motorcyclists dream! This ride has a combination of fun sweepers and technical twisty’s that will get your blood pumping. With no guard rail or shoulder and some tricky radiuses this is not a road to be testing your cornering skills on. Keep the shiny side up!

The ride starts with leaving Phoenix on a scenic ride to Globe where you might want to gas up as the next town is in about 78 miles. Continuing on Route 70 to Safford where you might want to gas up and hydrate. Then off to the 191 you go! Head into Morenci where you might want to top off because there is not a gas station for 90 miles.

Now it gets FUN! You’re in for beautiful, wonderful, fun twisties with cool temps, the smell of pines and absolutely gorgeous views. The curves are technical and this road doesn’t have speed limit signs for specific curves it has them for stretches of road! The curves challenge your skills and demand you and your bike become one. Some curves you can get into a rhythm, but don’t get comfortable, there are some tight curves that will keep you on your toes! Keep an eye on the road, as with all mountains you need to watch for fallen rock and sections of tar snakes. There are opportunities to pull over and take some pictures, enjoy a snack or take a break. There is also a nice rest area after you get through the super twisty section. The next part of the road is personally my favorite part. The road is nice with some exciting sweepers and curves…. The landscape reminds me of Colorado. I love the cool air and the pine scent. You can definitely get into a rhythm on this road and get in the zone… you twisty lovers know what I’m talking about! The zone is what we crave!

As you head into Alpine you will be saying “man that felt GREAT”! There is a gas station there if you want to gas up and I’m sure you have worked up a thirst at this point! Springerville is 27 miles away.

The road into Springerville boasts some beautiful views and the Nelson Reservoir. You will arrive in Springerville and is where the adventure pauses for the night. Just about everything you will need is within walking distance. We recommend the Reeds Lodge which has a neat store in the main lodge and a hot tub to soak your muscles. It also has a game room with a pool table, darts and tables to play cards and it also comes stocked with some board games! The Reeds Lodge is biker friendly allowing you to park your motorcycle on the side walk or under the stairs right next to your room! We also recommend the Rode Inn which is also biker friendly. For dinner we HIGHLY recommend eating at the Rusty Cactus, where they have great food and tasty drinks!

You can’t leave Springerville without visiting The Western General Store! Western Drug and General Store is an experience with a historic, charming, western atmosphere that is like a trip down memory lane. If you can think of it, you can buy it there! Guns, ammo, cosmetics, hats, hunting and fishing stuff, fabric, glitter, groceries … all kinds of stuff! You can spend some time in this store, it’s an adventure in itself! We like trying on crazy hats and taking pictures.

After a good night’s sleep you can walk across the street to Booga Red’s for breakfast or we also recommend Bear Wallow Café in Alpine 20 miles away. It is 166 miles from Springerville to Safford so gas up in Alma or Glennwood sportbikes! Alma and Glennwood are small towns so there is only one choice in gas stations, if you see one, stop. After breakfast we head back to Phoenix with a trip through New Mexico on the new 180! More beautiful views and wonderful twisty’s are in store! Take in the cool morning temps and head back down the 191 to the 180 where you loop into New Mexico. Soak up the gorgeous views New Mexico has to offer and enjoy the mountains with some more challenging curves and grades. The valley views are amazing as you are descending to the lower elevations. You will find many twisty’s and curves spread out with straightaways between. When the road straightens out for a long period look for route 78, a right turn, it’s an easy road to miss so don’t blink! On Route 78 you will find a straight road followed by some of the best twisty’s climbing elevations back into the pines. Then you will descend, hang on! There are some hair-pin turns!

You will reconnect to the 191 heading to Safford turning into the 70 back to Globe and Phoenix.

This is a fantastic ride with all the views and fun roads and adventure a motorcyclist could ask for!


Story by: Julie Still



May 2013
A Triple Helping of Twisty’s – Yes Please! Yarnell – White Spars – Mingus


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