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Owner: Jeff Rohde

The S1000RR beat out the top superbikes in the Superbike Smack Down, including the Aprilia and Ducati! This bike has sooo many GREAT features. To name a few:

  • Dynamic traction control
  • 193hp
  • 1/4 mile in 9.57 at 156mph
  • Top speed 190
  • 1 to 100 in 5.1 seconds
  • ABS
  • Innovative suspension
  • and SO much more

Jeff Rohde LOVES his BMW S1000RR because it is so nibble and FAST! "It is a awesome bike to ride and is so fun!" Jeff told us. In addition to being fun and fast he says it runs flawless in all conditions. "Being a weekend warrior adventure rider, I can't find anything wrong with it".

Has he taken it to the track you ask? We asked Jeff that question too and he responded; "The bike is capable of so much more than I am capable of so it's on to the track next"!

What more could you say about your bike Jeff? "To say I love my bike is an understatement! Riding my BMW S1000RR is the best thrill there is. You can have your sky diving, bungee jumping or bull riding... I'll take riding my S1000RR over that any day"!

We think Jeff REALLY loves his bike! Just look at that smile!

Iron Maiden Stretch Bike - Featured Sportbike

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Well there is a delay in getting the information for the biker of the month, so there is no more delay I thought I would take the June spot and the opportunity to introduce myself and put a face to the person behind the curtain!

Although I was born here I grew up back East and moved back in 2001. My biking bug did not start until 2009 after being a passenger on a boyfriends bike. When that was over the thought of not being on a bike was inconceivable so I decided to take the MSF course and get my own bike! I was TERRIFIED my first weeks of ridingI Now lead the riding group Ataraxis Riders of Arizona with my buddy Jeff and event organizers; Ted, David, John and Matt. Riding is my passion!

I started getting involved in bike nights and events more heavily in 2012 which led me to where I am now. I enjoyed planning and promoting bike nights so much and wanted to be more involved in helping the biker community I decided to start it as business. And Phoenix Bike Nights and Events was born! I didn't just want to list events, I wanted to help plan and promote, help get more riders to and involved in charity events and to bring bikers and businesses together.

PBN is growing faster than I anticipated and have great plans that will mean more local information, features, stories, events, dicounts and more. PBN also is working on expanding to Tuscon as well. Stay Tuned!

In the summer of 2012 I was approached by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and Virginia Tech Transporation Institute to take part in a year long study that involved my bike being fitted with cameras to document how drivers drive around us, react to us and us to them, as well has how we ride and road conditions. I thought it would be a great way for me to help my fellow bikers so I accepted the invitation. The data collected will help change MSF courses and hopefully laws that keep us safer and result in more consquences for those that injure/kill bikers. So when you see the camera's and equipment on my bike that is what it is!

Just 4yrs ago I was sipping Cosmo's adorned in girly dresses and heels and motorcycles were not even a thougt and today riding gear and boots are my main wardrobe and I can't get enough of riding! My how times change!




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  • MAY 2013- The Iron Maiden Stretch Bike



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